Filigree-work Copper Chandelier Hanging Lamp Set of 5

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Filigree-work Copper Chandelier Hanging Lamp Set of 5
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Filigree-work in Copper makes this Chandelier Hanging Lamp Set of 5 a sure eye-catcher.
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Product CareAll Glass can be wiped clean with a dry non-abrasive fabric and if dirt sets-in can be cleaned with any Soft, gentle cleansers. Dust off with a feather brush.
StateUttar Pradesh
CraftGlass Ware
Craft StoryFirozabad used to produce jhad and fanus (types of chandeliers), and vials for perfumes for the Mughals and today bangles and newer products like glass toys are made with hands in the streets of Firozabad. Mould Blowing is a special operation which is necessary to make the glass take the shape and patterns while maintaining uniform thickness on all sides. The craftsman draws and winds liquefied glass into a tight curved around the mandrel. The glass springs are then cut and aligned into bangles and patterned with nicks and the women complete the ornamentation with gold paint. Glass toys are made in Agra and Firozabad. The craftsman influences a glass rod over a flame by twisting, drawing and fusing glass into tiny bird and animal forms up to 5 cm (2 inches) in size. To make glass beads, wires drawn from a molten glass rod are wound around an iron spike, rolled, and liquefied over a small burner. To relief the beads the spike is dipped in water. Tiny beads are shaped by hand on the spike.
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