Emerald Green Handcrafted Chandelier Light with 6 Arms

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Emerald Green Handcrafted Chandelier Light with 6 Arms
Respect Origins carries a wide range of products made by artisans to promote sustainability and rural inclusivity.
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Spell-binding brilliance and elegant luxury are all encompassed by this Emerald Green Handcrafted Chandelier Light with 6 Arms.Each part is entirely hand-Crafted to a high degree of quality and built in a traditional layered style. Each part, the lamps, the arms, the cups and the baubles are all individual works of art. Beautiful to hold and behold.The parts all fit onto the strong central metal rod and a round metallic base. The rod is suspended from the ceiling.Height - 36 inchesDiameter- 36 inchesArms- 12 inchesLamp Height - 10 inchesLamp Diameter - 6 inchesWeight ( Approx) - 30 KilogramsA detailed Video for setup is included, as are interesting photos and videos of the process of the maKing of each. Written instructions are also provided. The product comes well-packaged in a crate.If the chandelier height needs to be reduced or increased that is done at no additional cost. These can also be made with 6, 8 or 12 arms.Bulbs and assembly is not included but can be arranged as a service. This product takes between 3 -4 weeks to ship.Please contact us at Hello@RespectOrigins.com for any clarifications or customizations.
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Product CareWipe it off with a Dry Cloth. No Further cleaning is required.
StateUttar Pradesh
CraftBrass Ware of Moradabad
Craft StoryMoradabad brass is valued for its golden lustre,is sand casted and the various levels of production are handled by specialized craftsmen and engravers have their own workshops. The entire process along with ornamentation usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. Kalamkari, Urdu for carving and pen work, is done with controlled strokes of the thapi, mallet, on fine pointed chisels. The engraving is shallow, called naqqashi or sada kalam, and deep engraving, called khudai or sia kalam. In khudai the designs are complicated, and the depressions are filled in with cultured lac. The lac sticks are heated and applied to the metal and the design gleams in golden tracery against the translucent jewel-cultured lac. Naqqashi is occasionally done on a tinned surface. Traditional styles are mostly floral arabesques. A traditional product is the paandaan, come in all shapes and sizes and are made by casting heavy-gauge sheet metal, either copper or brass. The hinges are physically made as well. Cast pieces are finished by sandpapering on the lathe.
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