Anarkali Resplendent Jama Pashmina Colourful Kashmiri Shawl

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Anarkali Resplendent Jama Pashmina Colourful Kashmiri Shawl
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Sensational in Black, this work of art has timeless motifs in panels that are like Jamavar Crafted together seamlessly layeRing a myriad of colours anchored by the contrasting deep red piping at the edges. Men and women can drape this with equal elan. The colour palette Purple, Violet, Mauve, Magenta, Yellow, Verdant Greens and Soft Pinks all colours of life.The ends are woven Fine pashmina in bold colours to draw out the motifs and complement the abundance of the main body of the shawl. Art and Craft come together in this to render a unique Collectors Drape. It will keep you warm and in style! These Shawls can be used as Stoles or Shrugs. often they make for great Throws over a Sofa Chair or are hung over a road like a Tapestry. These become Heirlooms passed on over generations as their beauty and value is timeless like good art.
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Product CareDry cleaning is preferred unless they are given to the experts in Shawl washing.
StateJammu and Kashmir
CraftSozni Embroidery
Craft StorySozni is the most beautiful and delicate form of embroidery primarily done on Pashmina Shawls, Woollen shawls, Salwar Kameez and sarees with the help of thin needles. Artisans sit six hour a day to make detailed work on wool to create floral or paisley patterns that adorn the shawl. Sozni embroidery required hard work and patience since each shawls takes years to complete. Sozni is comparatively much finer with lesser distance between stitches than other fabrics such as cotton, silk and wool.
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