Luxurious Ladies Pashmina Shawl; Jamavaar Pallu

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Luxurious Ladies Pashmina Shawl; Jamavaar Pallu
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A Breath-TaKing, Heart-Warming Turmeric Luxurious Yellow Pashmina of The Finest Quality Has Been Matched With A Gorgeous Autumnal Colored Jamavaar Border Pallu. The Jamavaar Is in Reds, Rust And Green. The Shawl Has A "Pheeta" or Piping in A Pleasant Green Running All Along Its Edges.
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Product CareAll products made from fabrics in cotton, silk or wool benefit from sponge-cleaning. often the fibres are delicate and the embroidery or Mirror, bead or sequin work and stitching is done by hand, which is best respected by gentle cleansing. Colours retain their charm when cared for and not placed in direct sunlight. AiRing from time to time always helps as it keeps mildew at bay. Store in a dry cupboard and use freely.
StateJammu and Kashmir
CraftJamawar Weaving
Craft StoryThe patrons of this Persian import were the Mughals with the weavers being summoned to the royal courts from Persia. The long shawl was meant to be draped over luxuriously, and therefore, needed to have great width and length, quite like the robes of Monarchs. Thus, the name, Jamavaar. Jama, or robe and Vaar or yards. In the 19th century embroidery was introduced into the fold and it became common to use the fine technique of Sozni to make a Jamavaar Shawl which was no longer woven but dexterously embroidered quite in the style of the magnificent Jamavaar. The Jamavaar is now only found with collectors or in museums. It remains among the legion of legends
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