Vintage looking Cutlery Stand or holder; Wooden

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Vintage looking Cutlery Stand or holder; Wooden
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Add elegance to your Dining collection with an elegant and beautifully Carved Natural color cutlery stand or holder which are made from a Single Piece of Acacia Hardwood.
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Product CareNatural products such as wood, metal and leather are meant for hardy use and products such as furniture, objects, decorative items etc., have for ever been used by the poor and the rich, the only variation being that of refinement and embellishment. These can be exposed to moisture, water and sun but must always be dried well and then keep free of dust and grime. The colors will always transform or fade when exposed to the elects and that is a great part of the charm of natural products.
StateWest Bengal
Craft StoryWoodcraft industry in Assam is so vast that a separate group of people called khonikors is there to carry out this delicate task. The forests of Assam have a rare collection of valuable woods, like sandalwood, salmani, agaru, vata, etc. A number of items for daily domestic use are carved out of wood. This includes chairs, tables, dolah or palki, stools walking stick, and kharams (wooden sandals), which might be decorated with the images of fishes, animals and birds. In addition to this, attractive carvings can also be seen in the attractive panels, doors and walls of the houses. In old times, the royal palaces of the Ahoms (rulers) were hand decorated by Khonikars and they constructed a distinct village, called Khonikargaon, and was built for them, near Sibsagar. The creative formations of the Khonikars can be seen in the abundant Namghars or Kirtanghars (prayer houses) and satras (Vaishnavite monasteries) of Assam. One of the most vital wooden articles seen inside a Namghar is the singhashan (throne), located at the extreme end of the house. The doors, walls and ceilings of the temple are also decorated with legendary figures, like hanuman, nagar, ananta and garoor. ?
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