Beautiful Kashmiri Silk Carpet; 6x9 Ft.; Cream base.

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Beautiful Kashmiri Silk Carpet; 6x9 Ft.; Cream base.
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This Lovely Kashmiri Silk Carpet is brimming with vibrancy, featuring a pattern of large floral elements of ornate and crisp motifs, vines and blossoms spilling over a Soft and warm creame background which is both hypnotic and mesmerizing.. The. Floral patterns in soft hues of brown, blue and earth tones will the entire vivid space. The borders are detailed and are filled with sumptuous floral decorations and make it rich and beautiful.
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Size6X9 Ft
Product CareCarpets or Rugs are traditionally washed in running river waters that cleanse them of built-in dust and also return their textures and colours. However, we now live in urban homes far far removed from rivers and streams! Carpets can be vacuumed at home or professionally if desired. Placing in the sun and fresh air every few months is always a good idea. If to be stored, they should be rolled and not folded and place in a dry place to avoid exposure to moisture. Carpets last for hundreds of years and become heritage pieces over time as the hand-knotted techniques, patterns and skills, like all traditional, labour-intensive Crafts do inevitably become scarce.
StateJammu and Kashmir
CraftKnotted carpets-Jammu and Kashmir
Craft StoryA Kashmir carpet is hand-knotted. Kashmir rugs or carpets have designs that are primarily floral, oriental style in a variety of colors, sizes and quality. Kashmir carpets are handmade, hand-knotted, and are mainly made in pure wool, pure silk and seldom wool and silk blends. They are available in different colors, designs.Kashmir rugs are mainly made in Srinagar, Kashmir in north India although a vital part of the production also comes from rural Kashmir. Kashmir rugs are superior in the world of handmade, hand-knotted rugs. Kashmir rugs have jewel-like color tones bright such as ivory,ruby red, emerald green,navy blue, aquamarine and mauve . Rugs from Kashmir are customarily made in oriental, floral designs that typically involve the important and culturally important motifs. Most of these designs are rooted in the Kashmiri way of living and representation of the age-old Kashmir custom of hospitality, warmth and sincere love.
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