Aesthetic Devadasi Stone Statue; 6 Feet

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Aesthetic Devadasi Stone Statue; 6 Feet
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The heritage, its continuum and its refinement, are all on display in the stone statues of Orissa. These marvellous statues of beautiful, garceful and inspirational women, are symbols opf a grand and living tradition in cratsmanship. According to ancient Indian mythology the Devadasi are the most beautiful, charming and celestial representations of the feminine, gifted artistically, to be like celestial singers and dancers. Together with the Gandharvas, or celestial musicians, they inhabit the Heavens. Carved from Soft Stone of Orissa by artisans whose ancestors have practiced this craft of stone carving for centuries. Hammers and chisels of various sizes and shapes, called the Muna, Patili, Martual, Thuk-Thuki and Nitana are used to bring life these life-like figures from featureless stone. Once engraved, the finishing Is done by scrapping out the extra material using a flat-edged iron tool.
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Width(Inches) 30.00
Height(Inches) 72.00
Weight(Kg) 400.00
Material Stone
Product Care Wipe it off with a Dry Cloth. No Further cleaning is required.
State Odisha
Craft Stone Carving-Odisha
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