Iconic Afghan Girl Thread Painting; Size 30x36 in.

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Iconic Afghan Girl Thread Painting; Size 30x36 in.
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This masterpiece of a Thread painting captures the close up of an Afghan girl. Arun Kumar (also known as), The Needle Man is the only artist to use a sewing machine to make his art. All of his works are made out on cotton strings and take immense precision and patience to Finish the artwork. His name has been recorded in the india Book of Records and the Unique World Records. The painting is entirely thread work and a masterpiece on its own. The artwork personifies the artists true talent and the photos just do not do enough justice to his work. It is a horizontal painting of the size 36 x 30 inches.
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Size36X30 In
Product CarePaintings from the times of the cave men are studies and expressions of human sensibility as it has evolved over the ages. When protected from direct strong light, moisture and rough handling, all paintings last well beyond a few generations. It is important to keep them dust-free and to ensure no moisture seeps through the walls they are placed on. The are a gift for all humanity to enjoy.
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Craft StoryThread paintings are really embroidery work but the visual impact is that of paintings. The majority are portraits of Guru's, leaders, or even individuals who's portraits are made to order as commissioned artwork. There are only a few master craftsmen who are skilled to use a sewing machine to deliver this unique art form.
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