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Respect Origins Artisan and Consumer Testimonials
Value Delivered: Rural Seller to Consumer

Mamani Chitrakar,West Bengal - Kalighat painting

'My name is Mamani. I come from a remote village called Kalighat, in West Bengal. In our area we have a tradition of making paintings using natural colours and powders. The subjects are Hindu deities, Gods and Goddesses and Nature around us. I make these paintings on paper and used to give to people from my village to take to the fairs to sell for me. I had no other means of selling because I only speak Bangla and cannot leave my home to sit at a shop.'

I got a call from Respect Origins one day and they talked to me in Bangla and explained to me that they would setup an online shop of me. I did not really understand how it was possible. How could I have a shop of my own I thought? How will I know what product has sold? How will I send the product to customer? How will I get the money? Then they explained everything. I can’t take good photos also and they help me with that too. Now when a product is sold, they call me, send me details and I keep it ready for pick-up. I get my money in the bank. Respect Origins is my sales channel and I hope to sell many beautiful products to people as Mamani.

Amit Bansal,

Haryana, India

I came across Respect Origins on a search when I was looking for a gift to give my sister. I bought a colourful panel from this artisan with a beautiful border. It came rolled in a bamboo pole which I’ve kept simply because it made me feel so connected to the place the painting was made and the artist who has made this. I’m even more delighted that its a woman. Usually I’ve seen men at fairs making these paintings. Love it.


Govind Suthar,Rajasthan - Kawad Mobile Shrines

'I’m Govind Suthar.I come from a culturally rich place called Rajasthan. We made Kawadh, the mobile temples. Now no one knows what it is or even knows about us. We were contacted by Respect Origins. They were very excited and wanted to see a sample and ordered one from me. They took all my details on the phone and whatssap and I shared all the documentation I had. I had one exhibition also many years ago from the Government but then no one contacted me after. They setup my shop and now I have my products online. I feel its good. Its respectable and I can make to order. I don’t need to keep stock. They did everything free for me. I feel proud that in India people care about old culture. I’m grateful that I can pursue my craft and keep my tradition alive.'

Rinkoo Wadhera,

Madhya Pradesh, India

The Kawad mobile shrine that I have purchased is a beautifully crafted piece made of mobile hand painted panels of wood depicting the story of Sri Ram as an incarnation of Vishnu.I intend to use it as a temple, curio and educational aid.I think it has phenomenal potential as a training tool--in training teachers on stressing the importance of sequencing thoughts, ideas and curricula and educating students on how narratives evolve and progress.

I used it as a part of paper presentation at a conference on storytelling in folklore. An invaluable tool in introducing the varied forms of folklore, the Kawad evoked curiosity mixed with awe. Few people have seen a shrine like this.

The various mobile parts fold and unfold smoothly and logically. I salute the craftsman on creating such a magnificent product. I am thrilled to be in possession of this treasure.


Mohammad Zaki,Uttar Pradesh - Varanasi Brocade or Kinkab

'We are a family of weavers. For generations we all weave Benarasi Silk Sarees only. We sell from our small shop and don’t get much time to grow our business because we are weavers and not business people. Respect Origins contacted us and after knowing they would add another channel for us to sell we were very excited. We only gave photos and they created our profile and wrote about us and who we are and what we do. Who does that these days? We get orders for sarees regularly. There are repeat customers and its easy for us as we only keep the saree packed for the courier to pick up and then we get the money directly in our accounts. We are happy to be online. Our kids feel good about it.'

Raj Kaul,

Jammu & Kashmir, India

Who doesn’t love a Benarasi. I have had an exceptional experience. I used to have a beautiful orange and blue Kanjeeevaram saree with rich silk and zari border. The combination was striking. But I’ve worn a lot of Kanjeevarams and that style of saree. Yet, I wanted this combination. I was on chat with Respect Origins and simply asked if I could get some help finding the same combination as now my saree was old and I didn’t fancy another South Silk. The lady asked if I would be okay to share a photo and I did. Next day she came back with two options and one was to have the same woven from Benaras! I was astounded. I jumped at the idea and placed the order. The saree arrived on Day 18. Stunning! It has the same colours and it has the Ghats of Benarasi woven into a zari border and the huge big pallu. How innovative and classy!! I wish Respect Origins great success and am a champion of them as an Indian and a Crafts .


Arun Sharma,Rajasthan - Pichwai paintings

'Arun Sharma Is From Rajasthan In Northern India And Painting For Last 30 Years Have Been Making Traditional Pichwai Painting Now.'

Nagesh B,

Karnataka, India

I never know what a Pichwai was! I had seen these paintings walking through Arts stores in New Delhi when I was growing up and used to see foreign tourists buying them. They looked like paintings from Rajasthan and were very expensive. Only tourists used to buy then. Most Indians could not afford Indian handicrafts sold in city museums and retail shops. In Melas the same products or quality is not available. I bought my first Pichwai in just after Holi and then went back and browsed a whole collection and bought one more and than one more…The painter made the two I wanted specially for me. It took him two weeks on every occasion and I was happy to wait. They are the pride of my home! These are available at exhibitions at ridiculous rates. Anyhow, not affordable for me. I will keep adding to my collection now. Its a great investment too as its a rare technique and there are few makers.


Ram Narayan,Rajasthan - Blue Pottery

'A traditional Blue Pottery artisan, Ram Narayan is a resident of Jaipur, Rajasthan. The area is known for its Blue pottery production. Ram Narayan's family has been involved in the craft for generations. He himself learnt the craft from his father, and has been practicing for over 20 years. He makes all types of Blue pottery items pots, planters, Table ware and decorative items. He particularly enjoys making Blue pottery dinning ware and decorative garden products. Ram Narayan sells mostly in the local market, although he has had exposure to urban customers through participating in exhibitions in Nagpur, Delhi and Mumbai. He supplies regularly to local traders. Army personnel posted in the area are another strong market for him. He enjoys taking.'

Monalisa Borthakur,

Assam, India

I have seen a lot of pottery in melas but the collection on Respect Origins is quite unique. I love the site and am very happy with the service. Nice range of products. The service feels personal. I like that.


Topgyal L,Jammu & Kashmir - Bead Work

'Far From The Madding Crowd In The Pristine Silent And Beige-Grey Valley Capped With Snowy Peaks And Stunning Turquoise Lakes Comes The Artisan Followimg The Trodden Path Of Timeless Tradition.'

'What Changes? The Once Available Turquoise And Coral Are Now Scarce And Replaces By Colored Glass.'

'What Remains Yet?'

'The Mesmerizing, Stunning Pieces Of Jewellery And Accessories That Add Hope, Joy, Abandon And Celebration To All Who Wear And All Who Wonder As They Catch The Eye.'

Arti J ,

Gujarat, India

Never knew Ladakh had such colourful crafts. I always thought it was a very cold place with great beauty. Didn’t realise it had so many rich costumes and jewellery and accessories. I have bought a gorgeous clutch. It works well for my dresses and a unique piece. Like myself.


Bhupatbhai Prajapati,Gujarat - Terracotta

Bhupath Bhai is a master at making joyful, ceremonial and useful hand-painted terracotta products. He makes lamps that have brilliant colour combinations and in different sizes. He is happy to make any kind of lamp or artifact from a photograph and takes orders for making sets for a home or resort.'

Dokka Srinivasu,

Andhra Pradesh, India

I bought one lamp first for checking out the look and quality. It came fitted with the bulb-holder and also the wire and plug! Ready to place a build and switch-on. Then I bought three more as gifts for my friends. These are lovely and beautiful patterns on the walls at night. They come wrapped in straw and paper. Eco-friendly also. Great prices.


Abhishek Sharma,Rajasthan - Painted Kettles

Abhishek work with a group from the village of Jaisalmer about 200 miles from the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. We do not have a courier facility but Respect Origins has arranged to have our kettle sets picked up for customer orders. I was given two designs by them and I made the products accordingly. Then I gave another batch of 11 kettles painted in different designs. Respect Origins has a helpful team that calls me up and even when I’m busy I like talking to them. Very respectful always.

Bojo L,

Tamil Nadu, India

My product was made for me specially as a gift. I wanted to place a colorful artifact that was bright and had humor in my entertainment corner. This is a tea- kettle with four glasses. Full of character. Great service from the Respect Origins team.


Chinmay Satpathy,Odisha - Palmleaf Wallhanging

'My name is Chinmay Satpathy. I am a mother and wife and have to look after my family. I don’t know how to go online to buy or sell but I know that now everything is going online. I have a whole large group who makes the Palm Leaf Paintings with me. We buy the raw materials also from local people and then we work as a team. Respect Origins got us a large order for 100 pieces and they advised us what designs and Colours the customer wanted. They also helped us on how to pack it. We have our shop online at Respect Origins and are so happy. The payment came without any issue. Now we are ready for large orders also.'

Jignesh R,

Gujarat, India

We wanted to buy gifts for an event that wouldn’t be the usual commodity got from the other online stores. We wanted it to be unique, memorable and meaningful. These wall hangings are very light and each are unique. Ours were personalized with the name of the artisan and our Company. We got great gifts and also felt good to have some positive social impact.


Mustaani Banjaran, Haryana - Kuttchi Embroidery

'Mustaani represents rural artisans who have wonderful skills and make traditional products. This promoter works with them to give design inputs and also recommend materials that then showcase their crafts beautifully. It is a facilitator on Respect Origins for those who cannot operate online as they do not have any access.'

Sampada Bhan,

Jammu & Kashmir, India

Thanks for helping in discovering this wonderful kurti with Mirror wok. The Material quality is very good and perfect fit too. Have to wait & see how much it shrinks from the original size. It is too long though, for my preference. The images and the product description match the product. The packaging was fabulous and the note from the CEO explaining the origins was great and was also happy that the artisan will get a fair price. The product was delivered in time and the customer team was courteous and helpful. I'll surely be ordering more and also recommend this website.


Abdul kader, Madhya Pradesh - Maheshwari Weaving

'I am Abdul kader from Maheshwar. We are a community of weavers. I have been able to setup shop on Respect Origins without doing anything myself. Normally I sell in melas. Many big stores buy my sarees but they sell at more than double price. I am helpless to do anything about that. At Respect Origins they do all my promotions and they are interested in my selling more. I even make saree with different combinations for customers. It’s good.'

Kanika Razdan,

Delhi, India

I bought a red and Black Maheshwari saree and it is so light and lovely. So I bought another one in green and pink border. It’s less than half price of what is in the stores. I also bought a Chanderi. There were floods but the artisan made the for me. Respect Origins is a boon for India.


Mohammed Aslam, Uttar Pradesh - Forged Iron

craftsperson is Mohammed Aslam from a village that skirts Delhi, India’s Capital city. He makes holders. These are unique door or wall accessories, to hang-up your keys, clothes, towels or tennis rackets on. He also makes a range of interesting desktop-top holders for pens and stationary. Some of his works are simply artistic expressions of common place things like cycles and rickshaws, that are made by incorporating wood to create light and adorable decor. Heavy metal never looked so good!'

Yamini Khanna,

Karnataka, India

Fabulous quality! These wall hooks in wrought iron are just great. Each piece is beautiful and I can’t wait to put these up. Loved the service and the personal touch from the CEO. Way to go Respect Origins!


Haycinth, Jammu & Kashmir - Kashmiri Food

'We make all our Kashmiri Wazvaan meats like Goshtaba, Rista, Tabak Maaz and Kabab fresh for tinning to send to customers from Kashmir. We were not online on Respect Origins although we have no experience with computers but we are able to offer our products from Kashmir to anyone who would like to. It’s a new exciting time for us.'

Harish Rao,

Karnataka, India

I ordered Tabak Maaz. Got a confirmation email, followed by a call and then the tins arrived in 4 days. Seamless delivery of a delicious food. Well done Respect Origins. Please add more organic products from our villages.


Saathi, Chhattisgarh - Dhokra Art

'We are an NGO based in Bastar in Chattisgarh and help artisans in keeping the Dhokra and Iron craft alive by training and helping them. We got a call from Respect Origins and they wanted us to go online, however we were quite skeptical as the internet connectivity is very poor. They asked us to put all the product photos on a CD and courier it to them which took some time. Their team created our shop on their platform and helped us in going online and were quite surprised when we got an order from Sri Lanka for an Iron Figurine.'

Anu Mukherjee,

West Bengal, India

I wanted to buy this Ganesha Figurine which I have seen at one of the exhibition and mailed the photo to the team at Respect Origins with a condition that it has to deliver quickly as I was moving out to US. The artisan made a similar replica and the team ensured that it was delivered to me in time. Loved this piece of arts and a big thanks to the NGO, artisan and Respect Origins which made this possible.


Fayaz Ahmed, Kashmir - Crewel Embroidery

I don’t travel much and speak only Kashmiri. I never needed to learn any other language and I don’t use computer and all but I use Whatssap and I do all my business with Respect Origins. Sometimes their local person will come and discuss with me what new products I can make with all artisans here. I say we can make anything. Anything. No problem. Sometimes it can take time if weather or conditions are bad but for us it’s our bread and butter. We want to make beautiful things so customer is happy and comes again. Respect Origins is promoting us and we give them our blessings.'

Priyo Singh,

Manipur, India

Tea-cozies! That too in hand embroidery of the famous Kashmiri crewel work. I have these as a gift to my two sisters who live abroad and they just love it. I have asked for matching cushions also for them. Respect Origins is getting these made. I cant want to see them.